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Need help moving your performing arts career forward, making steady money, and getting your name out there?

Get access to our suite of video-based courses to help you learn the business and career development skills you need to take control of your career. These are the skills they don’t teach you in the practice room.

Here’s an overview of the courses you can start today:

Career Development Bootcamp

Career Development Bootcamp - Career Advice for Musicians

A 12-week virtual training program for performers and creatives who are ready to learn the art of self-promotion so they can live their passion.

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The Entrepreneurial Artist’s Guide

Entrepreneurial Artist's Guide - Career Advice for MusiciansA must for musicians who are serious about forging a career path as unique as their own talents.

Built upon the experiences garnered through 20 years of successful arts start-ups, leading arts entrepreneurial scholar Dr. Mark Rabideau and the iCadenza team teach you the 5-stage framework for creating a thriving musical career.

Mission into Action: From Dream to Career Success

Mission into Action - Career Advice for Musicians

This course is designed to help musicians articulate their dreams in a mission statement and then develop an action plan that furthers that mission. You will learn powerful tools to gain clarity on your goals and determine your next steps.


Grant Writing: Basic to Expert

Grant Writing - Career Advice for MusiciansLearn the grant writing process and, lesson by lesson, shows participants how to research grants, write grant applications, account for monies received, and maintain productive relationships with granting agencies.


Be Your Own Agent: Self-Management & Self-Representation 

Be Your Own Agent - Career Development for MusiciansDo you need an arts manager or can you be your own career advocate? This course teaches you how to prepare compelling materials, research venues and secure bookings, and negotiate your fees with confidence.